What is it about the Thanksgiving menu at our favourite US fast food chain that makes it a hit?

Thanksgiving is the best day of the year for most Americans, with plenty of things to do, eat and drink, as well as some of the most popular dishes.

However, many Americans also tend to forget that they have access to a number of fast food chains catering to their particular dietary preferences. 

What is a Thanksgiving meal?

As a general rule, Thanksgiving dinner is usually a combination of chicken, turkey and mashed potatoes, but there are exceptions to this.

Thanksgiving dinner can be enjoyed with rice, gravy, gravy-and-potatoes-and gravy- and potatoes-and rice, or even with mashed potatoes and gravy-but you will probably need a fork and some potato mashers for this.

This is a great option for those who are looking for something to share with their family, or to get them up to speed on the holidays.

But it’s not for everyone.

Thanksgiving meals tend to be more expensive than other food options, and you’ll need to be able to justify the extra cost. 

How much does a Thanksgiving dinner cost?

  If you’re a busy person, Thanksgiving dinners can be a lot of work, and it’s hard to know exactly how much it will cost you to eat dinner on Thanksgiving.

The average cost for a meal at a typical fast food restaurant on Thanksgiving is around $25.

However this is likely to vary depending on how much you eat and how much is included in your meal.

You may have to ask for extra tips for the dishes you like.

There are also a number, like $2 or $3 for a vegetarian option, which can make things a lot more complicated.

What do I need to do to prepare a Thanksgiving Dinner?

For many, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to share family pictures, make some friends, and perhaps catch up on work.

But for many Americans, the holiday also provides an opportunity for eating out, and a chance to indulge in a lot-too-familiar Thanksgiving dish.

This could be turkey breast with gravy, mashed potatoes or gravy-only, or mashed potatoes with gravy and potatoes.

If you don’t want to cook the meat yourself, there are many recipes available online.

If that sounds like something you would enjoy, try ordering a Thanksgiving menu from a local restaurant.

You’ll get a meal that’s tailored to your individual taste, with the right flavours and textures. 

Why is Thanksgiving the perfect day to cook Thanksgiving food? 

Some people find the traditional Thanksgiving dinner to be an opportunity not to be missed, but for others, it’s also a great opportunity to eat out.

This means they can get away from the pressures of the office and family life, and focus on family and friends. 

Which food is best to eat on Thanksgiving? 

Many Americans will say that turkey breast is their favorite, with mashed potato, gravy and gravy only being a distant second.

But what about the rest of the family?

Is gravy-with-tater tots or mashed potato and gravy tots the way to go?

There are many variations to this question, but it’s probably best to ask yourself if you’re going to be eating dinner with anyone else in the house.

This may include your parents, siblings, or grandparents.

Are you going to share the meal?

If you decide to eat with someone else, make sure you’re eating together, as this may increase your chances of sharing your food with them.

You will also need to eat some meat.

If it’s mashed potatoes-only or gravy only, you may want to consider ordering a vegetarian Thanksgiving menu.

It will also help you avoid having any of the ingredients in the mashed potatoes that you might be eating in the gravy. 

Is there anything else you should know?

It’s always important to remember that Thanksgiving is a day of family, and this can lead to the temptation to try everything.

But if you’ve found the recipes below to be the best for you, then you’re likely to enjoy this holiday.


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