How to keep your food safe in a fast food restaurant

The fast food industry is a huge concern for consumers and health experts alike, with a number of companies including Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s among those caught up in lawsuits over food safety issues.

While it’s impossible to predict what will happen in the next year with a new food safety law passed, a handful of big-name fast food chains are now under scrutiny over safety issues with the ingredients they use to prepare their products.

The biggest concerns include a burger that is not properly cooked, an apple pie that is too crunchy, and a burger made with meat that is “too tender”.

“It’s a lot of uncertainty,” said Dan Hagen, president of the California-based nonprofit Food & Water Watch, which has tracked fast food safety for the past few years.

The chain chains cited in the lawsuits are Burger King and McDonald’s.

Burger King has been sued in more than 20 states, while McDonald’s has been fined in at least four other states.

A spokesperson for Burger King told CNN that it has been working to improve its food safety practices, including a policy to use only the freshest ingredients.

“Our food safety program is focused on providing safe food that’s made with real, real ingredients,” the spokesperson said.

“The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.

We work hard to ensure our suppliers meet these standards, and we have a rigorous food safety inspection program in place.”

The spokesperson added that McDonald’s did not respond to a request for comment.

Hagen also pointed out that while Burger King is now in the midst of a major expansion in its U.S. operations, McDonalds has remained relatively quiet.

“That’s the problem.

McDonald’s doesn’t say anything about what’s going on.

It doesn’t really say anything,” he said.

Hansen added that it is very important that the public knows what’s being done to make food safer.

“If we don’t know what is happening to our food supply, we’re not going to be able to know what we need to do to prevent food from getting to our children and to our elderly,” he added.

McDonald’s spokesperson Amy Stellman told CNN the company has been testing a number in-house for food safety since the new law took effect.

She said that the company “does not and will not use the carcass of dead animals in any of our food products.”

“Our Food Safety Program does not permit the use of carcasses of dead birds or any other type of dead animal,” Stellmant said.

Stellmantz added that the food safety measures are also in place in other restaurants, and she wouldn’t comment on whether there have been any incidents with the meat of dead chickens or dead ducks.

“We have been working with our suppliers to increase our compliance with all food safety regulations,” Stollmant told CNN.

“We’re very confident that we have done everything we can.”

The Food & Waters website is one of the most comprehensive food safety reports available on the internet, but it is far from the only one out there.

In 2014, the Center for Food Safety compiled a list of more than 1,500 restaurants that had a high level of food safety violations.


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