Why do we have so many safeway restaurants in Southern California?

SANTA ANA — A large majority of California’s restaurants will soon be offering free-range chicken and turkey meals, free-form pasta and other local food offerings, and free-from pork and other meat products.

And the state is not alone in its quest to get rid of meat-and-potatoes restrictions.

State officials have worked for years to ease restrictions, and they now want to make sure people are able to eat whatever they want in restaurants.

“We are in a time when people want to eat meat and fish, and we have to be there for them,” Gov.

Jerry Brown said Wednesday.

“The state’s position is to allow free-of-meat meals and the same for local food.”

As California is nearing the end of its beef-free mandate, state lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow for the sale of some meat- and fish-based foods to be sold at farmers markets and farmers markets, or to restaurants and other places where people can buy free- and open-source products.

The bill, SB 1489, passed the Assembly by a vote of 10-6.

It was introduced by Assemblywoman Jackie Speier, D-San Francisco, who said she wants to give farmers markets an opportunity to sell to diners who can’t afford beef.

The state will continue to ban the sale and possession of any type of beef in the state, as well as the use of antibiotics or growth hormones in livestock production.

The new law would allow the sale or consumption of non-animal products in the form of eggs, cheese, meat, poultry, dairy and fish.

It would also allow people to eat at farmers’ markets and other food outlets where meat-free options are offered.

The legislation was designed to ease some of the regulatory burdens imposed on California businesses by the federal government.

But the bill would also help local farmers in Southern and Central California who are facing a huge increase in demand for their products and to ease the burden on restaurants, which are already facing high food costs.

In the San Joaquin Valley, the area with the highest demand for local meats, the state expects to see an increase in the number of farmers’ market locations, restaurants and retail stores as more people move to the region.

In Southern California, there are already about 5,000 farmers’markets and restaurants, many of them small- and medium-sized, that sell their products at farmers market-style events, said Tom Breslau, who heads the regional market association for the Agricultural Marketing Council of Southern California.

There’s been a big push to create a more vibrant local food scene in Southern Californias growing heartland, he said.

The California Agricultural Marketing Association, a trade group, estimates that the local food market will increase by 1,000 percent over the next five years.

The bill would allow farmers’ sales to be conducted at farmers stores, farmers markets or other food-related events, but would not allow restaurants or other establishments to sell products at a farmers’ store.

The legislation also would allow restaurants to sell meat, eggs, poultry and fish at farmers-only events.

There is a requirement that all sales be for the public benefit.

The measure passed the state Senate and Assembly on Thursday, with some Assembly members voting against it.

The Senate is expected to take up the measure next week.


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