Chili’s, Wegmans and other fast food chains offer free catering for homeless people

BANGKOK — The homeless people who live on Thailand’s beaches often have to go hungry because the food chain’s owners don’t have money to buy enough food for the whole week, and then have to feed and care for the homeless in the cold.

That’s why Thai food delivery service BKKE offers free catering to the homeless on its website, and offers free meals to anyone who gives it their full attention.

The company’s website has over 400 pages of free catering options.

Some of the items include ice cream, soup, pizza, curry, and desserts, but it also offers catering to those who can’t afford a lot of food.

The offer is part of an initiative called “I am Hungry,” a campaign launched last year by Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

It aims to give all Thai citizens the chance to take part in this year’s national holiday, “Iam Hungry.”BKKE also offers free snacks, including chips and banana bread, and free tea for those who want to have it.

It also offers “I’m Hungry” food to homeless people at all times, which is offered at a discount.

This year’s “I Am Hungry” holiday runs from Nov. 20 to Dec. 14.

It is not just the homeless that need free catering.

There are also some people who do not have enough money for their food, but who would like to take advantage of the holiday.

One such person is BKKI co-founder and CEO M.K. Rajamongkul.

M. K. is one of the owners of the fast food chain Womens Thai Cafe in Phuket.

The restaurant is famous for its spicy chicken curry, with its customers calling it the “saucy dish of Thailand.”

“We have had many complaints from the customers,” M. Ka said, speaking at a news conference in Phang Nga district of Bangkok.

“They say it’s not the most tender chicken in the world, it’s just too spicy.”

The Thai Prime minister said this was why he decided to make it free to the whole country.


K said he and his wife had a special arrangement with the company to provide food and drink to the needy.

M, K. and his staff will cook and serve food to the customers, who will pay a nominal fee to eat the food.

But what about those who cannot afford the food?

M.k. said the company would help those who had to go without food.

He said it would not charge extra fees to people who want the free food.

“We are helping people who can not afford it,” he said.

Mk. and Womans Thai Cafe were the first Thai fast food companies to offer free meals, but now it is also expanding its offering to all its restaurants.

It offers free breakfast and lunch to those with a disability, free lunch to the disabled, free meals for people with children, and food for those with pets.

For those who have an allergy to some foods, M.

M said they could also opt to take a special allergy test.

The company also offers a special free gift voucher for those people who are vegetarian, vegan, or vegan-friendly.

“I’m going to help people who have nothing, no money and no chance of being able to get the free meals,” M, M said.

M and his family have been donating the food they get from their restaurant to charities.

M., M. and their family have donated nearly one million baht ($5,000) to several charities in the past.

M., M., and W. M have also donated over $8,000 to various causes in Thailand.

“In this age of social media, we can help the homeless by providing them with the free lunch,” M said, adding that he has donated a large amount of food to a local food bank, which also provides free food to those without money.

M, M., W. and others who have donated the food have said they are going to take the “I AM HUNGRY” campaign to more countries, such as the U.S. and Japan.

In a recent interview with Reuters, M, W., and others were quoted as saying they are now going to work with other businesses and the government to create a “big tent” in the country to provide free food for people in need.

M.K., who said he wants to open a restaurant someday in Bangkok, is planning to open another fast food restaurant near the Thai embassy in Washington, D.C., which is located a few blocks from the U,S.


The government has not commented on whether the government will consider allowing businesses to operate under the Iam Hungry banner.


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