How did the Schaumburgh get its name?

On February 4, 1780, a man named George Schauburg was born and became the city’s first Mayor. 

In his speech at the opening of the new Schaeburg Town Hall, the Mayor told his audience that he was inspired by his father who had helped establish the city. 

“The first time I saw my father and his brother, I had a very vivid image of them and I wanted to be a good citizen.

So I was the first in the world to join my father in making a great city,” said Mr Schauble. 

It was a sentiment echoed by Mr Schaumberg in his speech in September. 

The city’s motto is Schaiburg – a German word meaning to be strong, strong for one’s country – and the city is known as a stronghold of the military. 

But despite its reputation as the epicenter of the world’s military and political power, Schaube was also a man of the people. 

According to historian John C. Wilson, Mr Schaeuble’s father was a prominent lawyer, politician and businessman. 

Mr Wilson believes his father was involved in a series of political scandals and was also involved in the infamous ‘Pentagon Plot’ to oust the British from Germany in 1798. 

However, Mr Wilson’s research suggests that Mr Schaergh was far from the only Schaaburg resident to have had political connections. 

His father, Mr Mertens Schaerger, was the son of a prominent industrialist, but his mother was a lawyer and businesswoman. 

By the time of his father’s death in 1810, Mr Cunie, the son-in-law of his mother, had been elected to the city council. 

And although Mr Schaubergh was a political outsider, his father had been able to secure his family’s position in the city, as well as a large number of important contracts from local businesses, including the manufacture of the city lock, the supply of the water supply for the city and the construction of the Schaerberg Palace.

“It was the father of Schaiburgh that was the real benefactor of Schaerburgh,” Mr CUNIE said. 

On March 11, 1798, Mr Pertens died, and the City Hall was renamed Schaerburg, with Mr Pretens’ son as Mayor.

“It is a wonderful irony that this magnificent monument was built as a monument to the father and brother of the great Mayor,” Mr Schausbacher said.

“The Schaerbergh family and the Schaumbers are now buried in the cemetery.”

We’ve got a fantastic opportunity here, to build on the legacy of the father, the brother and the son who have been there for many generations,” he said.”

And the people of Schaumburg can celebrate the heritage of this great city, the great history of this city and a great, great city with a great legacy.


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