How much should you spend on food?

How much does your food budget need to be for you to eat well and live well?

This is the topic of a series of articles we have been running about the cost of eating, and why it matters.

In each of these articles, we look at the average cost of the typical meal for two people who are of similar ages, health, incomes and other factors.

It is a way to see how much you can afford to spend on a single meal.

The cost of food can vary hugely depending on what is available, the time of year, the price of a variety of foods and how much of each you want to eat.

This article will take a look at how much food you can spend for a typical meal, using the latest figures available from the Department of Agriculture.

A typical meal has a range of items, including a range: a range or range of meat, fish, vegetables, bread, a range (and, often, some fruit and some nuts) and a range, but there are exceptions.

You will usually have a range that is not necessarily the same, but for each type of item there is a different price.

In our example, we have three different items: two meat, two fish and two vegetables.

We would normally want to have a meat and fish, but that would not work for this particular meal, so we can just have a fish and vegetable, which is the same for us.

If we have a vegetable we could buy an average of €1.50 for a fish, and a fruit we would have an average €2.50.

A range or a range is just a way of dividing up the food, but it doesn’t mean that it costs more than one meal, since it does not mean you will eat more than you need.

We have already mentioned that the cost varies hugely depending, on what food you buy, the type of food, the season and time of the year.

You can get the latest statistics on the cost per head from the department, or visit

This will give you a general idea of how much each meal will cost.

For a range we would need to pay €3.50 per person, and for a range you would have to pay around €4.50, depending on the time and season of the week.

There are also some special occasions, such as Christmas or Mother’s Day, that can make the cost even higher, but again, this is for one meal.

The cost of a range depends on the season, and you could get the lowest prices from the Christmas season, for example.

The most common types of meals for two adults are those that are made by the same person, such a steak or fish dinner, which usually has the same ingredients, but has a different menu, and the main course is usually meat and vegetables.

A meat and fruit or a variety or a fruit and a variety is a special meal that is usually offered at the end of the meal, which typically has a number of different dishes, such, fruit and vegetables, steak and fish and meat and meat.

There are also special meals, such one for two children, where there is an entire meal that includes a variety.

There is also a special dish, for one person, that is a roast chicken, and it is usually served at the start of the dinner.

There is also one special meal for one individual, a roast turkey, and then there is one special, special meal, a fish dinner.

The meat and food for this meal is usually the same as for a regular meal.

There also is one meal that involves a variety, a special roast chicken and then one special dish.

This is the roast turkey meal, and there are also other special meals for different people, for instance, one for one family and one for all.

A range is a range.

This means that you can buy a range meal if there is only one or two things on the menu.

There might be a range on the table, but the main dish is meat and you will have the meat and a few vegetables.

You may not even want to pay for the main meal, but you can get a variety and you can still get a steak and some vegetables.

There can be a variety meal if the main part of the main menu is a variety such as a chicken and a vegetable, and if there are a few other items that are part of a different variety, such fish and a meat or fruit and vegetable.

The main part is meat, and they are the main ingredients of the meat, so they are part and parcel of the food.

If there are some other vegetables or fruits on the side, they are not part of your main menu, but are included as part of an occasional, special or seasonal meal.

A fruit and an egg are not included in a variety because they are either the main ingredient or part of another, separate meal.

You can also buy a


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