Which restaurant is the best for brunch?

Restaurant news: Lisle, Ohio: It’s a busy week in the city with a new Michelin star restaurant opening up in the area.

The Le Cordon Bleu restaurant, located at 534 N. Main St., is opening a second location at 535 E. Main Street.

Its new location, which is open from 4 to 9 p.m.

Monday-Saturday, is a $30-plus brunch with a brunch menu priced at $40.

The menu includes eggs benedict, pancetta, bacon and eggs.

There’s also a $15 beer, wine and dessert special for the evening.

It will also have a private bar and grill.

Other highlights include a brunch featuring a $45 breakfast with a $35 dessert and an $80 wine and beer tasting.

The location also offers a breakfast buffet with a dessert and a lunch buffet with an entree.

The restaurant was opened in 2011, but was not yet rated a Michelin Star restaurant by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

It’s one of six Michelin-starred restaurants in Ohio.

Here are the other restaurants in the Lisle area to look for: Boulud’s, 811 E. Boulude St., Cleveland, Ohio 43202.

For $10, you can get an entreé with two sides.

For another $25, you get a breakfast burrito.

For a $100, you’ll have a $120 meal.

The eatery’s menu is updated daily, with lunch and dinner specials and the company’s signature steakhouse and shrimp shack.

Its location is located on Bouludi Road.

For more information, call (216) 661-7000.

Barrington Street Inn, 615 E. Barstow Road, Cleveland, OH 43202, (216)-972-8868.

Barleywine bar: Barley wine lovers in the Northeast can savor a glass of this locally-made sparkling wine.

It is served with a variety of meats and seafood dishes including roast chicken, lamb chops, and pork chops.

The wines are made by the Barley Wine Company of Cleveland.

The tasting menu features a $50 wine pair and an entourage of three for $200.

The bar is located at 100 Barley Road.

The Wine House in the Cleveland Museum of Art is offering a $25 tasting menu with an assortment of wines.

For additional details, call 216-628-5333 or visit museumofart.org/barleywine.

Copley’s Cafe, 845 N. Covington St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45204, (513) 825-4222.

The local spot is known for its homemade sandwiches and sandwiches made with local ingredients, as well as its signature fried chicken sandwich.

They are serving a sandwich with a side of fries, fries and a side salad.

The chef, Jamie Smith, also serves up a $5 brunch.

The meal includes a salad, french toast, side salad and breakfast burritos with a sides menu.

The cafe also has a breakfast menu with a breakfast dessert and lunch buffet.

For other details, visit the restaurant at 845 Covingtons Ln.

For reservations, call 513-928-9052.

The Denny’s at Eastgate, 1545 W. Erie St., Eastgate Village, Eastgate Park, OH.

The family-owned restaurant has a large patio with plenty of seating for up to 150 people.

It also offers breakfast, lunch and a dinner menu.

It offers breakfast burrells with hash browns and hash brownies.

For brunch, try a grilled cheese with scrambled eggs, hash brown pancakes, hashbrown bacon and hashbrown turkey.

The dining room is also stocked with breakfast items including a hash brown omelet, hash-brown pancakes, egg whites, hashburger, hashbucket and hash-bucket cheese.

For lunch, try the grilled cheese and hashburrito sandwich with breakfast burries.

For dinner, try an egg sandwich with hashburrita and hashbucketa and hashburgers.

For dessert, try raspberry sorbet, banana pudding, strawberry cake, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate cake and a coffee latte.

For an additional charge, you will receive an entrée with two choices of four desserts.

For breakfast, try scrambled eggs and hash burgers.

For cocktails, try cocktail shrimp, bacon hash and hash bacon.

The food is prepared daily by chef/owner/owner Scott Riedl.

For any other details about the restaurant, call 440-255-1214.

Dixies in Cleveland: The diner-like restaurant is located near the intersection of Lake Erie Boulevard and West Erie Street.

It has an outdoor seating area, a bar area and a full bar area.

For every 10 people who enter the dining room, they get a free entree of the famous Dixie’s breakfast.

The breakfast includes eggs Benedict with bacon, ham, eggs ben


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