Why the food at the garden catering is worth the money

Posted June 08, 2019 17:59:50 This is what you get at the Garden Catering in Grafton in NSW.

There’s a $60 dinner menu, but the main thing is a variety of entrees and salads that are worth the buck.

The menu is simple, but you can also order anything you like from a range of different meats and cheeses, veg and rice.

At the Garden catering, you’ll find chicken salad, fish salad, roasted eggplant salad, lamb and veg, as well as a selection of other entrees.

This menu is also available for a little more money.

You can order any of these from the menu or a menu for $60.

Garden Catering is owned by James Trew, who runs a family-run business in Gough, where he operates a catering business, Garden Cateror, which he said was originally set up in 1996.

He said he started Garden Caterors in 2000, after opening his first restaurant, Paddy’s Delight, in 1991.

“I have a lot of great memories of growing up in the Graftonian area and I’m very proud of the fact that we are in a place where the people are so welcoming and welcoming to anyone coming in, whether they are from another part of NSW or not,” Mr Trew said.

Mr Trew is also the co-owner of the Trew Restaurant, which is also in Gribble, in the city’s west.

As well as catering for weddings and corporate events, Garden has a regular weekly wedding catering service.

In September, Mr Trows family and friends are due to attend a wedding at the venue.

When asked if he felt his business was in the right spot, he said: “I’m really happy to be here.

I have such a great relationship with the community, I have so many friends and so many families who love my restaurant and it’s really rewarding to have a restaurant here.”

Grafton mayor Mark Stapleton said the community should be proud of Garden Caterin, which has been a key part of his city for generations.

“[The business] has brought so much to the city and the city has benefited from it,” Mr Staplett said.

“It has provided employment and it has created many jobs.”

There are people who come to Graftonia to work and to live in a great community, and I think the Garden is an excellent example of that.



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