When ‘Cajun food’ fails to attract customers: Restaurant chain catering

A Chicago restaurant chain is facing a wave of criticism after it closed a market basket catering service.

The catering business, which had been offering catering services to people with pre-existing medical conditions, was shut down in late July after customers complained that the service did not meet their standards.

The service, which was supposed to last six months, has now been suspended.

According to restaurant owner Scott Ritz, the catering service was being run by the same company that operated the market basket program that was shuttered, but the two companies had different management teams.

Ritz said the new catering service had not met the needs of customers.

“The catering service is being run under a different name,” Ritz said.

“The business is being shut down.

We will continue to do what we can to help people with special needs.”

A spokeswoman for the Chicago Department of Public Health said the department is aware of the catering program and that the department has “recently suspended the catering business for a number of violations” related to food safety.

The department is also investigating whether to suspend the business.

The Food and Drug Administration did not respond to a request for comment about whether the catering services violated food safety standards.

The catering business was not named in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Chicago.

The lawsuit alleges that the catering company was responsible for failing to provide enough food and services to its customers.

Ritz alleges that he was left with an uneaten portion of a meal after his catering service failed to provide the amount of food ordered.

Ritz told ABC News that he does not know how many customers were left empty-handed because the catering was not providing the amount requested.

“I don’t know if it was the catering or not,” Riz said.

I think it was a lack of supervision.

I think the food was there, the food got out.

If they didn’t, I would’ve left.

I don’t want to lose customers.

He added that the food had been ordered by a family member, but was not delivered to the restaurant.

In a statement, the company said:The catering company, which operates five restaurants in the city, said that its catering program was not being operated as part of a catering program, but rather as an independent catering company and that it was not aware of any other catering programs in the Chicago area.

The company said it is aware that the Department of Health and Human Services has recently announced the suspension of a program to provide catering services.

The company said that it is cooperating with the Department’s investigation and is confident that our catering program will be reinstated as soon as possible.


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