When I was a kid, I was really into candy, but it was all about candy bars and candy shops

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and I have to say, I remember when I was little, I loved candy bars.

I would grab a candy bar, put it on the table and pretend to eat it.

I remember the first time I ever ate a candy candy bar.

I was six or seven years old.

I ate it on a candy cane, and then when I woke up, it was gone.

I really did not understand how that could happen, and my mom and dad were like, “Oh, you’re not hungry.

You’ve eaten too much candy bars.”

I was still in diapers, and they were like I had just eaten too many candy bars in one sitting.

They were like “Oh that’s what’s wrong with you.

You’re hungry.”

And then when they put me in the car, they were really upset.

And I thought they were going to take me to the hospital.

They would get really upset when they saw me in my diaper.

So, they put my mom in a chair, and she was in a diaper.

They drove me to a candy shop, and there was a little room with a little table, and a lot of candy bars, and it was my first time ever going to the candy store.

So I was just so excited to get into the store.

I thought, “Wow, I have never been in a candy store before.”

I thought the store was so big, and so big I would get hungry very quickly, and people would be really happy when I walked in the door, and the lady behind the counter was like, I’m glad you’re here, sweetie.

She was very excited.

She took me in.

She got me to sit down and put me down on the floor and put a little chair next to me.

And then she was like: Well, I’ll show you what you’re going to have to do to eat this candy bar.

“And I’m like, what the hell is going on here?

So I sat down and I tried to eat the candy bar on my hands and knees.

And she was looking at me like I was crazy.

I mean, this is what you eat, right?

I was like I am nuts.

But she was very cool about it.

So she put me on the couch, and we sat there for an hour and a half, and after an hour, she finally brought me to her kitchen.

And this is where I learned the secret to being a good eater.

You have to be able to actually sit down, take a bite, and eat it without actually having to eat a whole candy bar that you’re holding.

You can eat a candy slice, and when you finish it, you can put it back in the can.

So then you know you have a little bit of candy left in the tray.

I’m sure that would be an interesting experience.

And after that, my mom got me a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

She put it in a box, and like, she opened it up and was like “Here, take this.”

And she opened up the package and I was eating these cookies.

And her face was like this was not what I expected.

And the chocolate chip cookie was the only thing in that box that she was eating.

And that was the moment I knew that I was into candy bars when I started to eat them.

They are the first thing that I ever remember.

And they were all just like, wow, I am not eating anything else.

I can’t believe I ate those cookies.

So it’s one of those things where you’re like, it’s like, these are the best candy bars that I have ever had.

You just have to go through the motions and eat them to get the full experience.

It’s so much fun.

And you want to eat those cookies every single day, and you can even have a dessert like this, because I actually have a great dessert bar.

But if you want something more, like a big chocolate cake, it can be just a little more work.

You know, just the extra effort.

So the chocolate bar is the easiest thing that you can get, but the candy bars are hard to beat.

And honestly, I think that I can eat them more than anyone else in the world.

I think I can probably eat a little less than anyone.

It is hard to do it all the time.

But I think it’s something I am trying to figure out, and try to work out, because there are so many different ways that you could eat candy bars for yourself, but you can always eat a bar.

You never know when you are going to want to do that.

It depends on your schedule.

But you can’t be a strict foodie like I used to be.

And my schedule was always kind of chaotic.


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