When is a meal worth more than a meal?

What does a meal cost?

Does it include drinks?

Do you have to pay a tip?

Can you buy snacks and snacks for a meal and get a tip if you’re out of the restaurant?

Here’s a look at the different costs you’ll incur for a typical meal.


Sausage and Gravy $2.75 A bowl of sausage and gravy can be served for $2, or $3 at a local restaurant.

This can be a bit more than you would pay at a fast-food restaurant.

But for a small meal, it can be quite economical.


Soup $4.95 A bowl or a salad is a big part of a meal.

A bowl can usually be had for $4 or $5 at a restaurant.


Sushi $7.50 A bowl usually has a range of options, ranging from $3 to $7, depending on the size of the bowl.


Pasta $8.50 Pasta can range from $2 to $8, depending if it’s fresh or frozen.


Soup and Salad $11.75 You can have a bowl of soup for $11, or salad for $13.


Salad $12.75 This can vary depending on how much you like it.

If you like to eat it in pieces, try adding a salad to it. 7.

Poutine $15.00 This is the cheapest type of poutine you can order.

It’s usually made with meat, vegetables, and other toppings.


Burger $15 This is a basic burger that can be made with fries, or a side of fries and a salad.


Steak $18.50 This is typically a very good steak that can cost you a few dollars more than the steak at a steakhouse.


Chicken Salad $22.50 Chicken is usually a good option here, but you’ll need to order some chicken salad or a sandwich if you want it to be very tasty.


Steamed Pork $23.50 Steamed pork is usually good, and you can buy it in various forms like chicken, steak, or pork belly.


Steaks $25.00 A good steak is a good steak, and steaks can usually sell for $25 or $30 at a typical steakhouse, depending how good it is. 13.

Chicken Nuggets $26.50 You can eat chicken nuggets for free or a little extra at a buffet.

You’ll probably have to order a whole chicken to order.


Chicken Pot Pie $27.50 If you have kids, this can be something to try with them.


Chicken Wings $28.50 Some of the cheapest wings you can get at a barbecue, and if you order a big order, you’ll probably end up with some wings worth over $40.


Fried Chicken $32.50 Fried chicken is usually cheaper than other meats, but sometimes it’ll be more expensive.


Meatballs $35.00 You can order a meatball for $35, or you can make your own meatballs from ground beef or pork.


Chicken McNuggets $37.50 Your best bet for chicken McNuggets is to get a couple for $37 at a big-box store.


Chicken Fries $39.50 Fries are usually the cheapest, but if you like your fries soft and fluffy, you can also get them for $39 at a supermarket.


Pizza $40 Pizza is a very basic type of pizza that can often be made from a few ingredients, such as a pizza sauce, cheese, and tomato sauce.


Chicken Parmesan $43.50 Parmesan is usually better than mozzarella, and a lot cheaper, but it’s still very good.


Chicken Fried Steak or Steakhouse Sandwich $45.00 If you want to have a meal with your kids, you might want to try the Chicken Fried steak or Steaks, or even a chicken sandwich.


Steamer $45 If you’re looking for a steamer for a sandwich or a pizza, you may want to check out the Steamer for sandwiches, pizzas, or chicken sandwiches.


Steaming Hot Dog $47.50 Hot dogs are very popular these days, so if you don’t mind cooking your own hot dogs, this is a great way to get them.


Steaky Crab $50 Steak, seafood, or seafood salad.

If there’s a fish or chicken on the menu, this will be a good place to get it. 26.

Steaked Pork $52.50 Pork chops are usually cheaper, and the cheapest cuts are steak, fish, or shrimp.


Crab Fries$55 Crab fries are a great alternative to fries.

You can make a batch of them, or order them in a bun, and get them all for a lot less


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