Which New York City restaurant is making ice cream?

The city’s iconic ice cream parlors and bakeries have been known for decades for making delicious ice cream, and now, some of them are starting to make it for you. 

New York City’s famous ice cream houses and bakeried ice cream shops are starting up new locations, and some are making ice creams for you to enjoy on your next date or wedding night. 

In addition to the Ice Cream parlor at the iconic Tribeca Hotel, which has a bakery, ice cream is now available at a number of the city’s other iconic eateries. 

The Ice Cream Parlors of New York Times and The Sugar Shack are opening new locations in Brooklyn and Staten Island, with the latter in the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. 

A new Brooklyn location is opening on August 10. 

Sushi Bar at the Times Square Hotel is opening in mid-August, and The Sugar Shack is coming to Manhattan in early 2019. 

It’s not just New York that’s opening up new ice cream options this summer. 

Coco, a Brooklyn institution, is opening a new location in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is planning to open another location in mid August. 

Ice Cream Cafe, a new New York institution, will open its first New York location in June. 

For a taste of what’s coming soon, here’s a look at the top ten ice cream restaurants in New York, and what you can expect to see in the future.

The Times Square Ice Cream Shop (212-955-0222) A New York staple for generations, this New York favorite has been serving up ice cream since 1892.

The restaurant opened in 1978 and is known for its signature ice cream sandwiches and the Ice-Cream Ice Cream Bar, which serves up homemade ice cream as well as iced creams made with the toppings of your choice. 

They’ve also been known to serve up specialty ice cream and ice cream desserts for special events. 

Icicles at The Sugary Shack (718-745-9866) Ice cream is one of the most important ingredients in any ice cream sandwich.

With a rotating lineup of ice cream varieties and flavors, The Sugary Shack has become one of New Yorkers favorite spots.

The owners have also made ice cream to be used for desserts at weddings, parties, and even special occasions. 

Dollar Menu at La Cascata (914-948-8267) La Cavata, also known as La Cascada, is a Spanish-inspired restaurant that serves delicious Spanish food and ice creampuffs. 

With a full bar and full kitchen, La Casca serves up authentic Spanish food in a space that’s easy to navigate, inviting and cozy. 

Kiki’s At Home Ice Cream (212-627-2778) Kikis Ice Cream, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, serves up a variety of ice creamas to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Their ice cream bar features flavors like chocolate chip cookies, brownie cupcakes, and vanilla cupcakes. 

Lil B. Ice Cream & Ice Cream at Fantastic Tunnel (212) 627-7777 LIL B. has been a favorite in NYC for decades.

Their popular Fairy-Tale-Ice-Cake and Popsicle Cakes have been a New York fixture for generations.

The family-run shop serves up all of the classic ice cream flavors including chocolate chip and vanilla. 

La Raza Ice Cream in Brooklyn (718) 647-8277 La Latino Ice Creams has been in Brooklyn for over 100 years and is well known for serving up fresh Mexican food. 

Its owners are also known for making fresh Mexican ice cream in their own kitchen. 

Porch and Barrel Ice Cream Company at Grand Central Station (716) 784-0800 Grand Capital Station is known as a New Orleans favorite for its food, music, and cocktails. 

This ice cream shop is known to offer an array of flavors including cream and chocolate and their famous Coconut Cream. 

Roca de Boca at Souza (213) 891-2484 Sour cream is the main ingredient in many ice creamets. 

At Souza, you can enjoy flavors like vanilla, coffee, and orange. 

Ginger and Coconut Ice Creamery at Bars & Clubs (518) 742-0500 Barcades & Clubs, known for their authentic Mexican flavors and amazing desserts, has a large selection of ice flavors. 

Here, they offer seasonal flavors like pineapple, mango, and avocado. 

EspañolIce Cream in NYC (212)-722-0700 Ice creams are an integral


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