Christmas dinner catering to accommodate overweight patients

Medical News Online — January 06, 2018 — Christmas dinner caterings to accommodate obese patients may soon become more commonplace in hospitals, with plans to install food service in some wards and to install a separate dining area for patients who weigh more than 140kg (248lbs).

“We will certainly see more catering in general, including for the overweight and obese,” Dr Tim Whelan, chief executive of The Hospitality Association of Australia (THA), told the ABC.

“We would expect to see more people getting involved in catering as a way of helping them get to and from the hospital.”‘

They will be hungry’ Dr Whelans comments come as health officials around the country consider whether to lift the ban on catering to the overweight, which has been in place since 1999.

The ban on serving food to people who are underweight has been linked to a rise in obesity and other diseases, including Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

“The problem with the ban is that we have this expectation of the person who is underweight to eat a diet that is adequate to provide them with adequate food and the risk of a host of diseases,” Dr Whalan said.

“That is not always the case, and there is a host that we don’t have the evidence to say if that person is a person with a higher risk of developing these diseases.”

If you look at the data, the risk increases the more they eat and the higher their body mass index is.

“Dr Whelanas study has found a link between overweight people and a range of diseases, but he says the risk to the person is reduced when the person’s weight is kept in check.”

One of the reasons we have had a low number of deaths from diabetes, which is a very common cause of death among overweight people, is because we have been able to restrict the number of calories people eat and we have also been able, because we are not restricting the amount of calories we are consuming, to control the amount they eat,” he said.

Dr Whalans studies have also found people who consume more than the recommended amount of sugar, fat and salt are more likely to develop diabetes, and he said a ban on food service for people with obesity would not necessarily make things any easier.”

It may be better to have a food service that is designed to cater for people who have a higher BMI,” he told the BBC.”

Because that will allow you to get more calories into their body.

“Dr John DellaVigna, senior research fellow at the University of Adelaide, said there was a lack of scientific evidence to support a ban.”

People are often saying, ‘What if we are going to have food service on Christmas Eve, so we can have dessert?’,” he explained.”

But what if there is something else that we can put on that’s actually better than food service?

“Dr DellaDellaVinci said the research was “quite clear” that a reduction in the number or frequency of people in hospital eating too much could reduce the incidence of some diseases, and “there is also the possibility of more effective ways of controlling diabetes, heart disease and obesity”.”

It’s not as if there are not a number of people who may not be able to eat enough to have the same amount of weight loss as others, so that’s a problem,” he added.”

I would also be very worried if we had a system in place that was not based on what works, that was just based on how much we eat, so there is no way of predicting that you will be eating the amount you need to keep your weight in check.



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