What are you waiting for? The big night is finally here!

AUSTRALIA’S most anticipated wedding venue is finally ready to open for business and cater the masses.

The Sydney venue, which will feature the most popular couples’ night of the year, is set to open its doors to the public on Friday morning, March 6.

The venue, The Bairns, will be located in the inner-west of the city, just a short drive from the city’s famous CBD.

It will have a total capacity of around 6,000 guests, and will feature a number of couples’ nights each year.

Wedding venues in Sydney have been around for more than 100 years, with a number opening at the end of February and March.

In fact, there are still some waiting for venues to open in Melbourne, where the wedding market is already on fire.

There’s a new wave of big events happening this Valentine’s Day, including a number in Sydney’s CBD.

Here’s a look at the best and worst of what’s going on: On the menu: WEDDING CATERING: The Bairs wedding venue will offer a range of options, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, dinner buffet, cocktail, cocktail buffet and an open bar.

The buffet will be served from 11am to 6pm.

Catering options include traditional food, like fried fish, fish fingers and a roast chicken sandwich.

There will also be a range from gluten-free options like a grilled chicken and potato salad to vegetarian options like vegan fish tacos.

This will be the venue’s third event catering the night of a wedding.

EXHIBITIVE FOOD: The venue will be offering a wide variety of different options, from a vegetarian menu with a grilled fish and chips and an array of pastries, cakes, desserts, desserts with gelato, pastries and chocolate bars to a gluten- free menu.

If you’re looking for a big menu, the Bairnens will have their own menu available on the weekends.

MONDAY’S EVENT: A large amount of weddings are being held this Valentine, with weddings in Sydney taking the cake with over 1,000 weddings held.

While the Sydney venue may not be a venue to cater weddings on the weekend, it is still expected to draw large numbers of couples to its events.

TODAY’N THE BAY: The Bairrns wedding venue also has a large number of events held during the weekdays, with most of them taking place at the Bairs’ venue, including weddings, barbecues and receptions.

DINNER: Sydney’s favourite restaurants will also offer diners a selection of meals and drink specials during the day.

On Wednesdays, guests can also expect a range in the restaurant from a classic buffet with a range and a brunch menu. 

If you can’t get to Sydney on Wednesday, you can still have a memorable evening.

Here’s a list of the best places to celebrate the day: FRIDAY: There will be many popular events happening at the Sydney Bairds wedding venue, and they’re sure to include an all-day breakfast, brunch and lunch menu.

A big part of the Bavis’ plan is to cater the wedding, so expect a wide selection of breakfast and lunch options for all tastes.

A big part that they’re aiming for, is that the wedding venues catering will be open 24 hours a day. 

FRANKENSTEIN’S CLUB: Franklins Restaurant and Bar is one of Sydney’s most famous venues, and is a favourite for both wedding guests and the general public.

For the wedding day, Franklins will have brunch, a buffet and dinner, and also offer a wide range of pastas, desserts and pastries.

FRANKLIN’S BAY CLUB will be one of the most visited venues in the city.

It’s a great location to host the wedding and a great place for all your wedding-related needs.

NOVEMBER’S DAY: Weddings are still happening, but the Sydney venues have been a big hit for the past few years.

There are many events happening, including big parties, weddings, birthday parties and weddings that will take place on the last day of November.

SATURDAY’S EVENTS: The Sydney Bairs have partnered with Sydney’s new City Light District, which is set on the CBD, to bring a unique night to the city for the wedding season.

Event venues including The Bavis, The New Brunswick, The Pinnacle and The Old Bond Street will be taking part.

You can read more about all the Sydney wedding venues on the official website of the City Light.



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