How to make a Wolfgang puck from scratch

By DAVID K. FELCHMAN, Associated Press The Wolfgang pucks used in the NHL’s NHL All-Star Game are made by Relish Catering Co. of Woodstock, Illinois.

But a new restaurant that makes the NHL-made version is coming to the area.

Relish opened its first Chicago-area restaurant, Wolfgang Puck Bar, on April 6 in the Loop.

It’s open now and offers breakfast and lunch.

Wolfgang is a reference to the legendary Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

The menu is limited to a few items, including Wolfgang’s original poutine, Wolf Gangs famous hot dog, Wolf Geeks cheese fries, and Wolf Gang cheese-and-chicken sandwich.

Wolf Gang’s name comes from the Chicago Bears football team, the team that has played in the National Football League since 1946.

Wolf Goggles are a reference of the NFL’s visor visor, or visor-less helmet.

Wolf Pack fans often get goosebumps when seeing the team’s jerseys in the stands.

Wolfs hockey name comes not from the team, but from the name of the owner of the team.

He was a hockey player from Wrigleyville, Illinois, who bought the franchise in 1976.

He is the founder and current owner of Wolf Gang, which has a capacity of 18,000.

Wolfpack fans often go to the Chicago Bulls home games at Soldier Field.

They have a tradition of buying tickets online, but the Blackhawks don’t offer the same service.

“Wolfgang is the original and iconic hockey team,” said Brian Realty, co-owner of Wolfgang.

“That’s the name that we’re trying to recreate.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication.”

Wolfgang and Wolfgangs parent company, Relish, said it will open its first restaurant in Chicago in 2017.

Realty said he has been working for several years to get Wolfgang up and running.

He started by finding the right ingredients for Wolfgang, including cheese and hot dog.

He also made the restaurant’s menu from scratch.

“It’s really fun, a lot like what you would do if you were in a restaurant,” Realty told the AP.

“I can’t wait to see what people think.”

Wolf Gang is located at 1275 S. Chicago Ave.

in the Chicago suburb of Brookfield.

For more information, call 618-523-6111 or visit

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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