Why are they selling the whole house on the market?

Eating out is the perfect way to get in touch with family, friends and even the odd stranger for a meal or two.

But now, thanks to a new trend, diners can now take their food to their homes for dinner as well.

Read moreThe new trend is called the ‘dine at home’ trend, and it involves guests dining at home to a place like the Dining Room or the ‘Dine at Home Restaurant’ in their local area.

Dining Room restaurant owner and cookbook author Chris Johnson told News24 he first noticed this trend as a teenager, and now has it all under his belt.

“It started in Australia when my mum started catering to families.

I was always a big fan of the old family meals, so I started catering and selling meals to the family at the time,” he said.

He said it was a quick hit, but quickly spread to New Zealand, where he sold his first book in 2015.

The popularity of the concept, and the number of diners who were willing to share their food with friends, family and strangers alike, has only increased since then.

“The more people that have shared their meal with friends and family, the more it becomes a trend, so now you can have a party at home and have friends or people come over and eat,” Mr Johnson said.

Read more”The kids are getting really into it now, so we are seeing more kids being interested in it.

I think it is a really fun and a fun way to connect with friends or family.”

The ‘Dining Rooms’ restaurant is currently in the process of opening a second location in Auckland and is expected to open its doors in Melbourne in the coming months.

“We are going to be doing that as well, but it will take a little longer, and I am hoping we will be able to open it by the end of 2019,” Mr Smith said.

“It’s about having a fun, social experience with friends.

We will try to have it a little different and a little less traditional, but I think people are looking for that sort of thing.”

He said the concept was also popular with other diners, including couples and people who are having trouble finding dining room space for their families.

There are a number of restaurants that cater for this kind of event, but the one he is currently considering is the ‘Rite of Passage’ restaurant, which is also currently in a building in the Auckland CBD.

The Rite of Passages has been serving traditional food for almost 40 years, and Mr Johnson is hoping that by bringing the concept to the market, it can be a part of New Zealand’s food scene for years to come.

“I think this is one of the first things people will notice, because it is so different from anything else in the country,” he told News16.

A spokeswoman for the ‘Passages’ said it is also looking to expand, and was hoping to open a third location in the future.

She said the food was served from the dining room at the Dressing Room, and that diners could have up to six people in the dining area.

“Dining room seating is not a part to the restaurant, it is part of the dining experience, and you are allowed to bring your own food to share with friends,” she said.

“This includes all food items like desserts, soup and coffee.

The menu is not designed to be a typical menu.”

“Our focus is on the quality of food that is offered and what our guests will enjoy.

We offer a range of fresh and seasonal dishes, and offer a wide range of options to cater for the many different preferences of dinners.”


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