How far will you go to get a good meal?

In India, where people can spend up to five hours a day in the company of their food, the demand for fast food is on the rise.

In recent years, restaurants have opened in more than 20 cities in the country, with many catering to the upper middle class.

In Mumbai, where I lived, there were more than 10 restaurants catering to wealthy residents.

In the city’s trendy area, Patna, we found a restaurant serving two courses of lamb shank with rice, vegetables, and a side of chicken korma.

The menu included a side salad of lamb tandoori, and rice with potatoes, tomatoes, and onion.

On a typical lunch, the waiters would make reservations for the evening meal.

It took only two minutes to order, which was a testament to the quality of food served in restaurants.

The restaurant served two courses, and it took two minutes for the server to complete the order.

On the other hand, a meal at one of the restaurants was usually just over half an hour.

As a result, many people prefer to eat out with their family.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with the aroma of curry and ginger, followed by the smell of rice and onions, followed, of course, by the aroma and taste of the food.

A good meal is not always cheap, and the quality varies.

For example, in the upscale Patna area, the main courses were a little bit cheaper than a standard lunch.

The food at one restaurant had just over one-third the amount of fat, and there was less seasoning.

The prices of the dishes were slightly lower, as compared to some of the upscale restaurants, but the quality was quite high.

The only downside was that the food could be a little messy, as the servers sometimes left their napkins out of the tray.

When we ordered the lamb shanks, we asked the server whether they were prepared to do so.

They agreed and brought us our own napkins.

In some of these restaurants, we saw large portions of beef.

There was a big fat lump of meat lying in the centre of a plate.

The plate was made of rice.

The beef was not well cooked.

It was brown and soggy, which wasn’t the case at the other restaurants.

We ordered two courses with rice and vegetables.

As expected, the meat was not cooked well.

On top of that, the lamb was overcooked.

It had a lot of fat.

We were also served the lamb kormas.

The meat was tender and had a good amount of flavour.

It also had a great flavour of the spices.

The rice was slightly sweet, but not so much that we were turned off by it.

We had a choice to order a different dish, but I decided to skip it, as I wanted to try the lamb meat.

The lamb shanked was served with potatoes and vegetables, a side dish that included tomatoes, onions, and some of their other condiments.

The vegetables were also cooked well, and had lots of flavour and texture.

We enjoyed the lamb tandi (tandoor) and the lamb teriyaki.

The tandi was well cooked and delicious.

The teriyakis were cooked on the grill and had great flavour.

The chicken kofta was a little oily, but there was enough of it to be a decent choice for the lunch crowd.

The meal was also good enough for a family of five.

The staff had been trained by the food department at a local school and were able to serve their meals in a comfortable manner.

This restaurant has a lot to offer, and you can order your meals at any time of the day or night.

This is a safe and friendly place to eat in India, and we recommend you give it a try.


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