How to order an Easter dinner at a restaurant

The holidays are here, and the holidays are going to make you want to try all of the great holiday catering in Australia.

Here are some of the places that are set to open this year that cater to all of your Christmas needs.


The Christmas Tree Café and Bar, St Kilda, 2 hours north of Adelaide The Christmas tree cafe and bar in St Kildare, which has a lovely outdoor space, is an old-school Christmas tree shop.

There’s a great selection of festive items and a selection of food and drink, including a wide selection of vegan options.

The coffee and wine list also features a few seasonal selections, so you can find something for all occasions.


The Great Southern Christmas Bar, Brisbane, 30 minutes north of Brisbane, Great Southern Café & Bar is a little bit off the beaten path for the Christmas-friendly crowds in Brisbane.

The bar has a selection that’s full of traditional Christmas fare and is open on weekends and evenings.

The food menu includes a number of seasonal items, such as the roast turkey sandwich and the chocolates and pies.


The Holiday Village Cafe, Perth, 10 minutes north and south of Perth, The Holiday village cafe in Perth is one of the most well-known Christmas shops in Perth.

The shop has a large selection of local and seasonal items for Christmas and New Year’s.

There are also seasonal dishes like the festive chicken, roast turkey, roast beef and a variety of vegetables.


The Cottage Christmas Tree, Adelaide, 5 minutes south of Adelaide, The Cottages Christmas tree is an indoor Christmas tree store that has a very unique atmosphere.

It is located at the foot of the iconic St Kilean hill, in the heart of the heartland.

The decor is very festive and it is always packed with people.

The menu has a range of traditional and seasonal Christmas dishes and you can also find a great range of food options.


The Laundry Bar, Melbourne, 5 hours south of Melbourne, The Loo is a classic Victorian Christmas shopping centre that also offers a selection for Christmas Day.

The laundry is open seven days a week and is great for those who are looking for something special.

The restaurant is also great for a family or two.

The prices are reasonable, but be aware of the decor.


The New Christmas Tree Cafe, Hobart, 15 minutes north from Hobart The New Santa Claus cafe in Hobart is one stop for anyone wanting to try out Christmas decorations.

The atmosphere is cozy, the Christmas menu has an extensive selection of Christmas favourites, and it’s open on the weekends.

It’s also great to find a good selection of seasonal and holiday items.


The Good Fortune Christmas Tree Shop, Brisbane 2 hours south and west of Brisbane The Good fortune Christmas tree tree shop is a very traditional Christmas tree seller in Brisbane, so if you’re looking for a traditional Christmas experience, this is your spot.

The tree shop also offers Christmas Day events and Christmas Eve parties, and is one the best Christmas tree sellers in Brisbane for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.


The Merry Christmas Tree in Sydney, 20 minutes north east of Sydney, The Merry Tree in New South Wales is a Christmas tree, tree and holiday catering company, but they are also a wonderful Christmas Tree Festival.

The business also offers an indoor and outdoor Christmas tree and they also offer seasonal events and events for kids, which is perfect for those in Sydney.


The Royal Christmas Tree at Castleford, Castleford 3 hours south west of Castleford There’s not a lot of choice at Castlefield for Christmas tree decorations, but the Royal Christmas tree at Castlefords Castlefells is one that’s well worth checking out.

The castle has a beautiful Christmas tree garden, with lots of fun activities such as playing with Santa and the tree decorating.


The Tickle Me Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Bar in Perth, 15 mins south of Hobart This Christmas tree bar in Perth has a full menu of festive Christmas favourites.

The traditional Christmas menu includes Christmas favourites such as roast turkey sandwiches, roast duck and roast beef, and they’re also offering some seasonal items such as pumpkin pies and Christmas pudding.


The Golden Nugget Christmas Tree and Restaurant, Adelaide The Golden Nugget Christmas tree restaurant in Adelaide is a nice alternative to the traditional Christmas Tree restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney.

The golden nugget tree is a unique tree with a distinctive tree colour and it offers a festive menu with Christmas favourites like roast turkey and roast duck.


The Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Restaurant and Restaurant in Perth The Winter wonderland Christmas tree in Perth offers a Christmas menu with festive Christmas dishes such as a roast turkey turkey sandwich, roast pork, roast lamb and roast turkey.


The Green and Gold Christmas Tree Holiday Bar, Adelaide A small holiday bar in Adelaide’s inner city with a great outdoor space.

There is also a large festive menu


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